Wednesday, January 4, 2012

For Mustapha Muyideen


In a country of guns and iron
Made against change
Love is in the heart of expended flesh
Hacked down for inciting wrong songs
Against an ordered falsification
Of wrong doing

Love is the daring to throw
The whole flower weight of the body
Against the might of armoured tanks
To halt the raging rain of bullets

Love is in the locked poise photo of picking
A stone to weapon with words
The only protest possible for all the bodies
And comrades falling down all around dead

Love is in the will not to be mourned
In the moment of dying
As others about scuttle to hide head and self
In a pinhole from the reach of the flying bullets

• Shot down and killed in Ilorin for joining the peaceful protest against the removal of fuel subsidy

©Aj Dagga Tolar

For detail on Mustapha MuyideenClick here

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